A brand new look. Same mission.
Human-Powered Growth Engine for Organizations.

With a mission to impact 100 million people, MentorCloud creates a space that nurtures sharing and learning through mentorship. At MentorCloud, we help enterprises, entrepreneurial networks and associations build and manage communities that propel collective learning through a culture of personalised mentoring.

The brand revamp further clarifies who we are and what we stand for. The three circles in our logo represent connections, conversations and collaboration, and an exchange of knowledge as a result in the communities we serve.

The vibrant colors reflect freshness and continuous exchange and flow of wisdom - from those who have it and willing to share, to those who are seeking it and willing to learn.

Flow. A symbol for continuity.
MentorCloud = Flow Wisdom.

We're even more focused on helping our communities forge strong human connections and letting wisdom flow freely!

- Mentee wave is wavering and hungry.
- Mentor wave is steady and willing.
- MentorCloud wave, merging these two waves together is uniform.

We call this Flow of Wisdom!

Learn more about the visionary platform designed to impact 100 million people.

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